The destoner is a machine that separates stones from toasted coffee thanks to two different specific weights.

It consisting of :

  • Hopper connected to the tank drain
  • Sheet metal container
  • Feet for fixing to the ground, on cells or on wheels
  • Fan for coffee suction

It can be supplied in different size and capacity according to customer needs.


Modular standard silo built in modules according to the height of the shed.

  • Advantage: fast installation
  • Shape: cubic
  • Measures 2,5 m x 2,5 m (variable height)
  • Capacity: variable according to customer needs
  • The Silo is loaded by 8- gate valve or motorized rotary valve
  • The Silo is unloaded by Electro pneumatic vents.

In addition to our standard silo, for green or toasted coffee, we design silo on customer’s request.
We provide silo for ground coffee of shapes and sizes on request.

Silo coffee

Heat Exchanger


The system consists of:

  1. An independent combustion chamber for the production of hot fluid (combustion products) with a special design for heat recovery.
  2. A stainless steel tube bundle on whose clean side the ambient air is conveyed, which captures heat and conveys it to the product (in the roasting drum)
  3. An average ventilation fan for room air handling
  4. An adequate insulation system to get the best performance

The products developed in the combustion chamber pass through the tube bundle by surrendering heat to be subsequently
conveyed to the outside. The fan moves the ambient air by passing it in a first step to the side of the combustion chamber with the dual task of capturing heat and participating in the insulation function; afterwards the already partially hot air is conveyed to the clean side of the exchanger where, also by the effect of a particular flow, it captures the heat necessary for the roasting process and transmits it to the product in the drum. Burner and temperature regulation are automated by means of valves and compatible instrumentation


It’s a machine to create coffee blends. It can be used either to mix different types of green coffee or to mix toasted coffee.

It can be equipped with weighing cells.

Consisting of:

  • Gear motor
  • Product receiver hopper
  • Drain hopper
  • Electric panel




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